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Charles A. Walker
Private Charles A. Walker; Company I, 21st Wisconsin Infantry
Charles A. Walker enlisted as a Private on 05 Aug 1862.
He was mustered into Company 'I' of the Wisconsin 21st Infantry regiment on 05 Aug 1862.
He served 12 months in the 21st Wisconsin Infantry; 05 Aug 1862 to 07 Aug 1863.

While Charles A. Walker was in service, the 21st Wisconsin Infantry regiment was engaged in the following battles that had a direct impact on the course of the war and / or a decisive influence on a campaign:
  • Perryville, Ky., 08 Oct 1862
  • Stones River [Murfreeboro], Tenn., 30 Dec 1862 - 03 Jan 1863

    Charles A. Walker was listed as Prisoner of War on 30 Dec 1862 at Jefferson, Tennessee; Jefferson is associated with the battle of Stones River [Murfreesboro].

    Charles A. Walker was reported deserted on 07 Aug 1863.

    Complier's note:
    At a remove of 142 years, it is difficult to assess the soldier's reported desertion.
    I am aware that:
  • desertion did not have the stigmata in the Civil War era that it has today; the armies were predominately volunteer armies and relieved on cooperative, rather than mandatory, compliance.
  • the desertion rate was about 14 percent in both armies

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