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Almon R. Thurber
Private Almon R. Thurber; Company H, 39th Ohio Infantry

Almon R. Thurber enlisted as a Private on 22 Mar 1865 at 22 years of age.
He was mustered into Company 'H', Ohio 39th Infantry regiment on 22 Mar 1865.
He served about three and half months in the 39th Ohio Infantry; 22 Mar 1865 to 09 July 1865.

While Almon R. Thurber was in service, the 39th Ohio Infantry regiment was engaged in the battle of Bentonville, N.C., 20-21 March 1865, which had a direct impact on the course of the war.

The 39th Ohio Infantry regiment
  • was present at the surrender of of Johnston and his army at Bennett's House, Raleigh Station, 26 April 1865,
  • participated in the Grand Review on 24May1865; Day Two, Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman's the Army of Georgia and the Army of The Tennessee.

    Regarding Day Two of the Grand Review
    . . . thousands still wore their battered uniforms, stained with Carolina mud, and many still went barefoot. General Sherman observed, "The sight was simply magnificent. The column was compact, the glittering muskets looked like a solid mass of steel, moving with the regularity of a pendulum". Sherman would remember this sight as the happiest, most satisfying moment of his life.
    A observer reported, "They march like the lords of the world". . .

    Almon R. Thurber and the 39th Ohio Infantry regiment were mustered out on 09 July 1865.

    The CWSSS database reports 'Almond' as an alternative given name.

    The CVGR reports Almon R. Thurber's
  • birth in Ohio in 1842
  • death date as 03 Dec 1904.

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