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John McClees
Private John McClees; Company K, 175th Pennsylvania Infantry

Private John McClees enlisted as a Private on 10 Nov.
He was mustered into Company 'K' of the Pennsylvania 175th Infantry Regiment on 10 Nov 1862.
He is taken to have served 09 months in the 175th Penn Infantry, 10 Nov 1862 to 07 Aug 1863.

The records of the 175th Penn Infantry are notably incomplete.
Excepting Company C and the Field & Staff, the records of only 8.5 percent of the soldiers [050 of 591] are complete. John McClees' 175th Penn Infantry record is incomplete; ie, "date and method of discharge not given".

While John McClees was in service, the 175th Penns Infantry regiment was engaged in minor skimishes at:
  • New Berne, N.C., March 1863
  • Washington, N.C., April 1863
  • Harper's Ferry, Md., July 1863

    John McClees is taken to have mustered out on 07 Aug 1863 with the regiment which, having completed its nine month term of service, returned to Philadelphia and was mustered out on 07 Aug 1863.

    The CVGR reports John McCless's
  • birth in 1840 in Pennsylvania
  • death on 22 Feb 1922 in Breckenridge, Colo.

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