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Lemuel Kingsbury
Pvt. Lemuel Kingsbury; unassigned, 15th Michigan Infantry

Lemuel Kingsbury enlisted as a Private on 01 April 1865.
He was mustered into the 15th Michigan Infantry on 01 April 1865.
He was not assigned to a specific company. He served 81 days; 01 April 1865 to 20 June 1865.

Lemuel Kingsbury was discharged on 20 June 1865 at Mower Hospital, Philadelphia, Penn. Apparently, Kingsbury was discharged for disability [disease].

[Compiler's note]
A plausible explanation for this data is that Lemuel Kingsbury because ill and was hospitalize short after his enlistment. Disease was common among Civil War soldiers. Historians estimate that about 2/3 of the causalities in the American Civil War were the result of disease not battle wounds. Additionally, the American Civil War ended the month Lemuel Kingsbury enlisted. Thus, the Army's need for soldiers rapidly declined. The vast majority of the Union Army was disbanded after the Grand Review in Washington, D.C., 23 and 24 May 1865.

The 18th Ohio Infantry participated in the Grand Review [Day 2] on May 24 1865 and then moved to Louisville, Ky., 01 - 06 June 1865, and thence moved to Little Rock, Ark., 28 June 1865, and was on duty there till 13 August 1865. The 18th Ohio Infantry regiment was mustered out 18 August 1865.

The American Civil War ended on 26 Apr 1865 when Joseph E. Johnston and his army surrendered; Robert E. Lee and his army had surrendered 17 days earlier.

The CVGR reports that Lemuel Kingsbury served more than 40 months in the the 15th MICH Infantry regiment; 20 Mar 1862 to 13 Aug 1865.

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