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James W. Giltner
Private James W. Giltner; Company G, 92nd Illinois Infantry

James W. Giltner enlisted as a Private on 09 Aug 1862.
He was mustered into Company 'G' of the Illinois 92nd Infantry Regiment on 13 August 1862. He served nearly 34 months in the 92nd Illinois Infantry; 09 Aug 1862 to 21 June 1865.

While James W. Giltner was in service, the 92nd Illinois Infantry regiment was engaged in the following battles that had a direct impact on the course of the war and / or a decisive influence on a campaign:
  • assault on Kenesaw Mountain, Ga., 27 June 1864
  • Jonesboro, Ga., 31 Aug - 01 Sept 1864
  • Bentonville, N.C, 19 - 21 Mar 1864

    The 92nd Illinois Infantry regiment was present at the surrender of of Johnston and his army at Bennett's House, Raleigh Station, 26 April 1865.

    In July 1863, a detachment of the 92nd Illinois Infantry regiment captured sufficient horses to mount the entire regiment. Subsequently, the 92nd Illinois Infantry regiment participated in all the cavalry battles on Sherman's march through Georgia and the capture of Savannah. It also participated in all the cavalry fighting on Sherman's march through the Carolinas and against Johnston's Confederate army in North Carolina until the close of the war.

    James W. Giltner was mustered out on 21 Jun 1865 at Greensboro, NC, and discharged at Chicago, Ill., 10 July 1865.

    James W. Giltner, Charles Greiner, and Elzeor [Joseph] LaFontaine were intially buried in the Kokomo cemetery. They were among the 146 bodies moved from the Kokomo Cemetery between August and November 1966. The old mining town of Kokomo, Colorado, was abandon and the cemetery was starting to be covered by tailings pond from the Climax Mine.

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