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Jacob 'Jack' Reed Wolverton
Private Jacob 'Jack' R. Wolverton, Company A, 13th Illinois Infantry

Jacob Reed Wolverton enlisted as a private on 24 May 1861 at Dixon, Lee County, Illinois. He was mustered into Company 'A' of the 13th Illinois Infantry regiment on the same day. He served 19 months in that regiment, 24 May 1861 to 23 December 1862.

While Jacob R. Wolverton was in service, the 13th Illinois Infantry regiment was engaged in guarding supply trains to and from General Lyon's army and in suppressing guerrilla activites in central Missouri in 1861. Later, the 13th Illinois Infantry regiment was assigned duty a t Helena, Arkansas, for most of 1862. Action occurred at
  • Wet Glaize, Missouri, 13 Oct 1861
  • Linn Creek, Missouri, 15 Oct 1861
  • Salem, Missouri, 03 Dec 1861

    Jacob R. Wolverton was discharged for disability on 23 Dec 1862. This was just before the regiment participated in W.T. Sherman's operations against and U.S. Grant's siege of Vicksburg.

    Other Information
    -   born: in Pennsylvania on 16 JAN 1837; but, censuses also suggest 1838 and 1839
    -   father: Benjamin Saxton Woolverton, born: 15 Feb 1810 in Northumberland County, Penn.
    -   mother: Mary P. Reed, born: 16 DEC 1813
    -   occupation: farm labor, 1860 census; section boss/foreman on a subsidiary of the Union Pacific railroad, 1880 and 1885 census
    -   arrived Colorado: before 1880
    -   arrived Boulder County: before 1885
    -   married first: Rose Knorr about 1864 in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania. Rose Knorr, born about 1841; died no earlier than May 1869
    -   03 children of first marriage: George H., Arthur B., and Laura B.; all born in Pennsylvania
    -   married second: 22 Nov 1875 in Danville, Montour County, Pennsylvania. Emma M. Hess born about 1858; died Dec 1883 or 1884 [TBR]
    -   05 children of second marriage: Frank S. [Penn.], Edward [Mich.], Rose [Mich.], Mary [Colo.], and David R. [Colo.]
    -   died: Tuesday, 11 Feb 1890 in Louisville, Colorado
    -   burial: Thursday, 13 Feb 1890 in Louisville, Colorado
    -   Woolverton is an alternative surname used by Jacob's father and brother and Jacob, himself, in the 1880 Larimer County, Colorado, Census

    Additionally biographical information can be found in the Jacob 'Jack' Reed Wolverton Family Group Sheet.

  • CVGR, Colorado Veterans' Grave Registrations, 1862-1949, cards available at the
        Colorado State Archive, Denver, CO.
  • Historical Data Systems, Inc., Duxbury, MA 02331
  • Illinois Civil War Veterans Database
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  • Jacob 'Jack' Reed Wolverton's
    Muster and Description Roll of Company "A',
    Thirteenth Regiment of Illinois Volunteers
    ordered from Illinois State Archives
    Name Wolverton, Jacob R.
    Rank Private
    Age 22
    - Feet
    - Inches
    - Hair
    - Eyes
    - Complexion
    - Married or single
    Occupation Farmer
    - TOWN
    - COUNTY
    - STATE
    - WHEN
    - WHERE
    - BY WHOM
    - PERIOD
    May 24, [18]61
    Dixon, Ill
    3 yrs
    - WHEN
    - WHERE
    - BY WHOM
    May 24, [18]61
    DIXON, ILL [Camp Dement ]
    Capt. Pope [John Pope, US Army]
    Emma M. [nee Hess] and Jacob Reed Wolverton's gravelot is shown in the images below.

    The top image illustrates the 'blank', tilting government-furnished military headstone 'as found' in 2003. The headstone was repositioned and reset [plumb and level] by David Via and Associates in May 2005 as part of a cemetery conservation project jointly funded by the Town of Superior and the Colorado Historic Preservation Fund.

    A bronze niche marker, with JRW's service information, was order from the US Department of Veterans Affairs to supplement the existing 'stand-in' headstone. The applicaton was supported / certified by the Town of Superior Supervisor of Recreation and Community Services.

    The plaque was mounted on dimension marble stone and installed before J.R. Wolverton's 'stand-in' military marker in May 2007. This is illustrated in the second image. The bronze marker reads:

            PVT   CO A   13 ILL INF
       JAN 16 1837    FEB 11 1890

    Thus, Jacob R. Wolverton's grave is appropriately marked and his military service memorialized 117 years after his death.
    Stand-in / Blank Headstone
    As found, the tablet marking Jacob Reed Wolverton's grave was 'blank', has no inscription. The normal bas relief inscription had been purposefully removed, chisled off. The marker had been 'defaced' in the literary sense. This is apparent when viewing the tablet in raking sunlight; see hyperlinked image.

    Apparently, this tablet is one of the military tablets appropriated for reuse by the Boulder Post of the Grand Army of the Republic veterans' organization. The practice of re-using redundant and erroneous military tablets is mentioned in the 01 April 1905 minute of Post 9 of the Grand Army of the Republic available at the Boulder Public Library Carnegie Branch Library for Local History; more specifically, Call Number: BHS 332 b2 folder 1.
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