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George W. Admire
Private George W. Admire, Company C / B, 2nd Missouri State Militia Cavalry

George W. Admire enlisted as a Private, at 21 year and 01 month of age, on 01 August 1862.
He was mustered into Company 'C' of the Missouri 02nd State Militia Cavalry Regiment on 12 October 1862 in Palmyra, Missouri. He served 14.6 months in the 02nd Missouri State Militia Cavalry, 10 October 1862 to 31 December 1863.

George W. Admire was transferred to Company B [intra-regimental company transfer] [no date given].

While George W. Admire was in service, the 02nd Missouri State Militia Cavalry regiment was engaged in two battles that had a limited influence on the outcome of their campaign or operation but achieving or affecting important local objectives:
  • Kirksville, Missouri, 06 - 09 Aug 1862
  • Cape Girardeau, 26 Apr 1863

    George W. Admire was discharged for disability on 31 December 1863.

    An image of his service record from the Missouri State Archive.

    Other Information
    George W. Admire was born on 11 Jul 1841 in Missouri.
    After the American Civil War he married Nancy [nee Taylor] Lewark; her husband had been killed in the war.
    Nancy [nee Taylor] Lewark and George W. Admire had six children born between 1864 and 1877.
    The family was living in Nebraska in 1870.
    Their arrival in Colorado and Boulder County is not known at this time.

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        with images from the Hazel Abernathy Collection.
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