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Paynes Crossing Cemetery,
Ward Township, Hocking County, Ohio
American Civil War Soldier's Story:
Henry Striblen
Private Henry Striblen
Company K, 4th US Cavalry.

Striblin appears as the surname in the military records.

Henry Striblen enlisted as a Private and was mustered into Company K, 4th US Calvary regiment. Specific muster-in and muster-out dates are not given. Based on available information, his period of service is taken to be 12 to 15 months from from Fall 1863 or Winter 1863-1864 to Spring 1865; see Note, below.

During this period, 4th US Cavalry regiment was engaged in the following battles that had a direct impact on the course of the war and / or a decisive influence on a campaign:
  • Franklin,  Tenn., 30 November 1864
  • Nashville, Tenn., 15 - 16 December 1864
  • Selma, Ala., 02 Apr 1865

    The 4th US Cavalry regiment also participated in Kilpatrick's raid in Georgia, Aug 1864, and Wilson's raid in Alabama and Georgia, April 1865. Both notable Union cavalry raids.

    Other Information regarding Henry Striblen
  • born 1842-43 in Pennsylvania
  • married Ann E. Payne in 1868 in Hocking County, Ohio
  • one child born 1869-1870 in Ohio per 1870 census
  • occupation reported as farmer in 1870 census
  • buried in Paynes Crossing Cemetery, Ward Township, Hocking County, Ohio;
       Lot 02 Grave 05
    The 'History of Paynes Crossing' section of the Paynes Cemetery webpage reports:

    'One soldier, Henry Striblen, a light-colored mulatto, transferred to a white calvary regiment where he served during the war.'

    This is taken to imply that Henry Striblen initially reported to one of the US Colored Troops regiment which were formed in Ohio in Fall 1863 or Winter 1863-1864. His enlistment in the US Regular Army is taken to have occurred about this time. His muster-out is taken to have occurred after the cession of hostilities, April 1865.

  • Thus, Henry Striblen's service period is taken to be
  • from Fall 1863 or Winter 1863-1864
  • to Spring 1865.

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