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Civil War
Family History

My paternal great-great grandparent's generation was comprised of the following surnames:
  • BOX and JONES

    My maternal great-great grandparent's generation was comprised of the following surnames:

    My brother, Gene, other family researchers, and I have compiled a considerable body of information regarding my ancestors.

    This webpage makes some of that familial information available, as time permit.

    It serves as an index to / catalog of family genealogical information.

    Click on a hyperlinked name or topic below to fetch the associated biography.
    Note: redundancy / repetition should comes as no surprise.
  • Gone To Texas or Tennessee-Texas Ancestral Ties
    Gone To Texas, GTT
    As a lad in elementary school in Dallas, Texas, I learned that migration from Tennessee to Texas was so common that the acronym 'GTT', for Gone To Texas, can routinely be found in 1800s Tennessee county records and was routinely found on abandon homesteads in Tennessee in the 1800s. My ancestors are true to form.

    This is delineated on a separate Gone To Texas webpage.
    Arrived Texas
    My mother was proud to be descended from Texas pioneers. Three of her four great grandparents' families arrived present day Texas between 1819 and about 1846. The WILLIAMS family arrived when present-day Texas was a portion of Spain's New World Empire. William WILLIAMS received a Texas Revolutionary Army pension. Russell Bean WILLIAMS was born in Coahuila y Tejas, Mexico. The ESTES family immigrated to the Republic of Texas.

    My father's ancestors arrived Texas between 1845 and 1858, during the State of Texas' antebellum period.

    These arrivals are delineated on a separate Arrived Texas webpage. Some significant event in the history of Texas are included for reference.
    Republic of Texas Citizen Ancestors
    Republic of Texas Citizens
    Citizens of the Republic of Texas are defined by The Sons of Republic of Texas organization as resident of Texas prior to her merger with the United States of America on 19 February 1846. I have chosen to define Republic of Texas citizens as residents of present-day Texas from
  • 02 Oct 1835; the date of the Battle of Gonzales, the beginning of the Texas Revolution
  • 19 February 1846; the date of the aforementioned merger.

    Eight of my direct ancestors qualify as citizens of the Republic of Texas; 33 once-removed ancestor also qualify.

    These direct ancestors and once-removed ancestors [2nd or 3rd great grandaunts or granduncles] are delineated on a separate Republic of Texas Citizen Ancestors webpage.

  • BOX Family Histories
    James Robert BOX; a brief biography in context of his service in the Confederate States Army.
    James Robert BOX Family Group Sheet.

    With some information regarding: James Robert Box, Sarah Margret [nee ELLIOTT] BOX, Charlie Orestus "Charley" BOX, Metta Elizabeth BOX, Mary Ella BOX, Lula Mae Box, William Edgar BOX, Ada Tabbitha BOX, James Burnett BOX, Maggie Bellzora BOX.
    Images of some headstones.
    Benjamin Barton 'Bart' BOX Family Group Sheet.

    With some information regarding: Benjamin Barton 'Bart' Box, Helen Ellen 'Ellen' [nee Russell] Box, George F. Box, James Ross Box.
    Images of some headstones.
    Joseph Goodwin Box Family Group Sheet.

    With some information regarding: Louisa Lamila [nee Willingham] Box, Eli Foster Box, George Box, William Adalaide / Adelaid 'Addie' Box, Catherine Virginia Box, Laura Lurany Box, John Florence Box, Joe Holloway Lawrence Box, Frank B. Box.
    Images of six headstones.
    HIGH Family Histories
    Henry Harrison HIGH; a brief biography in context of his service in the Confederate States Army.
    Henry Harrison HIGH; an expanded biography.
    A HIGH FAMILY HISTORY compiled by Alf A. Allen and self published in 1970.
    1756, Pennsylvania, to 20th Century, Van Zant County, Texas.
    A different HIGH Family History; different ancestors of Samuel High. A Samuel HIGH biographical sketch compiled by Phillip Gowens and published in the Van Zandt County, Texas, Histories and Biographies - Volume II, 1848 - 1991, by the Van Zandt County Genealogical Society, 1991.

    1599, Bristol, England, to the 1890s, Van Zandt County, Texas.
    CURETON Family History
    Possible ancestors of Permielia CURETON. Developed from RootsWeb WorldConnect databases and the HIGH Family History.

    One generation link is based on a single source and must be regarded a tentative until a confirming source is found.
    PATTERSON Family Histories
    Felix W. Patterson Family Group Sheet.

    With some information regarding: Felix W. PATTERSON, Elizabeth Frances MURPHY, Sarah Ann 'Sallie' Patterson, Felix L 'Judge' Patterson, James Alexander Patterson, Frances Parlee 'Fanny' PATTERSON, Francis Marion FRANKLIN, Queen Mary 'Queeny' Patterson.
    Images of some headstones.
    Civil War
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