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Family History
The ancestors of
Permelia Cureton,
17 Feb 1810 - 26 Sept 1895

Biographical information generally taken from RootsWeb WorldConnect.
Transcriber's note:
This family history links known CURETON ancestors who live in eastern Tennessee in the early to mid-1800s
  • Permelia [nee CURETON] High; my 2nd great grandmother
  • Thomas CURETON, Permelia's father, my 3rd great grandfather,
    to possible ancestors who lived in Shropshire County, England, and, then, the Pennsylvannia Colony in the mid1600s
  • Richard_01 CURETON; a potential 7th great grandfather
  • William CURETON; his son, a potential 6th great grandfather

    The connection to the Cureton family preceding Thomas Cureton, [1784 - before 1860] is tenuous and is based on a single database entry in RootsWeb WorldConnect. The author of that database entry has not responded to emails.

    This possible ancestry of Permelia Cureton, 17 Feb 1810 - 26 Sept 1895, and, hence my families, is documented with the caveat that it may be incorrect. However, after more than a dozen hours of research on the web, I want to conclude this task and move on. Confirmation/verification/correction will be sought in census information.
  • Richard CURETON, 1632 - 1666
    Born about 1632 in Grinshill, Shropshire, England
    Died 20 July 1666 in Merion, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania [Colony]
    Biographic Information Richard and Margaret Cureton, and children, arrived Philadelphia from Liverpool on the ship Rebecca on 31 October 1685. They initially settled in Merion Township, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania.
    Denoted Richard_01 to distinquish from the other four CURETON ancestors with the given name: Richard.
    Married Margaret Embry; born before 1658 in England
    Children [02] Two known:
  • William CURETON; born about May 1684 in Grinshill, Shropshire County, England
  • Jane Cureton; born about 1671/73 in England; married John Moore about 1692 in the Pennsylvania Colony; there were nine [09] children of this union
  • William CURETON, ~1684 - ~1740
    Born about May 1684 in Grinshill, Shropshire County, England
    Died about 1740 in New Castle County, Delaware Colony
    Married Mary Coburn/Cobourne in 1688/89 in Chester, Pennsylvania
    Children [01] One known:
  • Richard CURETON; born June or Aug 1698 in Merion, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania Colony
  • Richard CURETON, 1698 - between 1755 and 1760
    Born June or August 1698 in Merion, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania Colony
    Died before 1760 in Edgecombe [or Halifax] County, North Carolina Colony
    Married Hannah Anderson
    Biographic Information Born in Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania Colony
    Moved to Prince George County, Virginia Colony, between 1702 - 1714.
    Moved to Edgecombe County, [North] Carolina Colony, about 1719.
    Converted From Quaker about 1719.
    Denoted Richard_02.
    Children [01] One known:
  • Richard CURETON; born about 1722 in North Carolina
  • Richard CURETON, 1722 - 1799
    Born about 1722 in North Carolina
    Died Dec 1799 in Dry Creek, Sparta, Hancock County, Georgia
    Biographic Information Richard and three sons were Revolutionary War veterans in Georgia.
    Richard's will, dated 1797, was probated 16 Jan 1800; records the names of nine slave given to nine children. Two hundred [200] acres willed to son, Rezon/Reason Cureton. Wife, Martha Cureton, willed all the goods/possessions not otherwise mentioned.
    Denoted Richard_03.
    Married_01 Elizabeth Surname_unknown
    Married_02 Martha Anderson
    Children [12] Twelve known:
    01. Mary Cureton
  • born: 1751
  • died: 1832 in Burke County, Georgia Colony
  • married: George Palmer, who was born between 1750 and 1753 in North Carolina Colony
  • two daughters: Nancy Palmer / Mary Palmer
    02. Thomas Cureton
  • born: about 1754
  • may have been an American Revolutionary War veteran
    03. Bolin Cureton
  • born: 1755 in Granville County, North Carolina Colony
  • died: in Fayette County, Alabama
  • American Revolutionary War veteran in Georgia Colony
  • executor of father's will
    04. William Cureton
  • born: 10 Jun 1766
  • American Revolutionary War veteran in Georgia Colony
  • executor of father's will
    05. Richard CURETON; born 1767 in Hancock County, Georgia Colony
    06. John Cureton; born 1768 in Georgia Colony
    07. Hannah Cureton; born 1773
    08. Jean Cureton; born 1775
    09. Rebecca Cureton; born about 1777 in Sparta, Hancock County, Georgia
    10. Winnifred Cureton; born 1779
    11. Robert Cureton; born 1781 in Hancock County, Georgia
    12. Reason Cureton; born 1782 in Georgia
  • Richard CURETON, 1767 - 1799
    Born 1767
    Died 1799 in Cocke County, Tennessee, USA
    Married Unknown; in Cocke or Greene County, Tennessee
    Children [06] Six known:
    01. Robert Cureton; born in Georgia
    02. Elizabeth Cureton; born in Hancock County, Georgia
    03. Thomas CURETON; born about 1784 in Georgia
    04. Lewis Cureton; born about 1785
    05. Ann Cureton; born in 1786
    06. Richard Cureton; born 14 Oct 1792 in Wilkes County, Georgia
    Thomas CURETON, 1784 - about 1860
    Born about 1784 in Georgia
    Died before 1860 in Jefferson County, Tennessee
    Married Jerusha Lane on 04 Dec 1804 in Greene County, Tennessee.
    Jerusha Lane was born about 1782 in Virginia. [alt. England]
    [04 or 05]
    Four known children with a fifth possible:
    01. Jerusha Lane Cureton
  • born in 1815
  • married William Paddleford
    02. Permelia 'Millie' CURETON
  • born: 17 Feb 1810 in Greene County, Tennessee
  • died: 26 Sept 1895
  • buried: buried High Cemetery, Van Zandt County, Texas
  • married: Samuel HIGH on 03 Jan 1828 in Greene County, Tennessee
  • 10 children
    03. Robert P. Cureton;
  • born about 1811 in Tennessee
  • died: after 1860 [present in 1860 Cocke County, Tennessee, age 49]
  • married Dolly Ford Weaver before 1830
    04. Catherine Cureton; born in 1826
    05. ??Sarah Jane Cureton; born in 13 Nov 1837 in Morristown, Tennessee??
  • Permilia 'Millie' [nee CURETON] HIGH, 17 Feb 1810 - 26 Sept 1895
    Born 17 Feb 1810 in Greene County, Tennessee
    Died 26 Sept 1895 in Van Zandt County, Texas
    Biographic Information
  • Lived most of the first decade after marriage in Parrottsville, Cocke County, Tennessee; the first four of their children were born there.
  • Moved to Laconia, Fayette County, Tennessee about 1835; five of their children were born there.
  • Owned a farm on the banks of the Hatchie River.
  • In 1851, the family moved, along with the families of Freeman Hubbard and C.H. Bramley to Van Zandt County, Texas, and founded the High Settlement.
  • Married Samuel HIGH on 03 Jan 1828 in Greene County, Tennessee
  • Samuel was born 13 Mar 1809 in Raleigh, North Carolina
  • Samuel died on 11 Jul 1894 in Van Zandt County Texas
  • Samuel is buried High Cemetery, Van Zandt County, Texas
  • Samuel was a son of John and Lucy [nee Martin] HIGH
  • Children [10] See Samuel HIGH's biographical sketch for information on the children of Samuel and Permilia 'Millie' [nee CURETON] HIGH.
    01. Jonathan Walter High; 27 Mar 1829 - Mar 1860
    02. Sarah Elizabeth High; 04 Dec 1830 - about 1851
    03. Nancy Jane High; 08 Jan 1833 - 13 Jul 1859
    04. William Dickson High; 20 Jan 1835 03 Nov 1902
    05. James Jackson High; 04 July 1837 - 17 Jun 1920
    06. Rufus Morgan High; 11 Oct 1839 - about 1917
    07. Henry Harrison HIGH; 22 Jun 1842- 12 Apr 1931
    08. Robert Albert High; 08 Nov 1845- 1850s
    09. Thomas Jefferson High; 18 Mar 1849 [or 47] - 06 Jun 1918
    10. Samuel Houston High; 12 Mar 1855 - 08 Nov 1882
    Source_01 The biographical sketch of Samuel High, submitted by Phillip Gowins, in the Van Zandt County, Texas, Histories and Biographies - Volume II, 1848 - 1991, published by the Van Zandt County Genealogical Society, 1991.

    The VZC Genealogical Society website reports that copies of this publication are available for purchase.
    Source_02 Melissa Speed's RootsWeb's WorldConnect Project entries.
    Source_03 Emily Karr's RootsWeb's WorldConnect Project entries.
    Source_04 Ann C. Turner's RootsWeb's WorldConnect Project entries.
    Permelia High Permelia High's grave monument
    Permelia 'Millie' [nee Cureton] High
    Born 17 Feb 1810
    in Greene County, Tennessee
    Died 26 Sep 1895
    in Van Zandt County, Texas
    Buried in High Cemetery
    Van Zandt County, Texas
    Permelia High's grave monument
    at High Cemetery VZC, Texas.
    I can not discern the epitaph
    from the available images.
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