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Columbia Cemetery
American Civil War Soldier's Story
John H. Ballinger
Private John H. Ballinger,
Company D, 1st Colorado Cavalry.
Died 04 Feb 1871; 23 years of age.

John H. Ballinger enlisted on 14 Dec 1861 as a Private.
He served 02 months in Company D, 1st Colorado Cavalry; 14 Dec 1861 to 22 Feb 1862.

John H. Ballinger was mustered out on 22 Feb 1862.

No other information is available for John H. Ballinger.

  • Boulder Genealogical Society's Columbia Cemetery Burial Index
  • Colorado State Archives' Colorado Veterans' Grave Registrations, 1862-1949, database.
  • Colorado State Archives' Colorado Volunteers [1861-1865 ] Transcript of Records Index
  • US NPS CWSSS Regimental Histories
  • US NPS CWSSS Battle Summaries

  • Note:
    John H. Ballinger's service information was taken from the Colorado State Archive "Colorado Veterans' Grave Registration"; however, this data are in conflict with the Colorado Volunteers [1861-1865 ] Transcript of Records Index database which places him with the 3rd Colorado Cavalry's 100 day enlistment, Sept 1864 through Dec 1864. The majority of the 3rd Colorado Cavalry regiment was engaged in the Sand Creek Massacre in which about 150 Cheyenne and Arapaho people, mainly women, children, and the elderly were killed. An infamous event in Colorado history.

    The headstone is inscribed with 1st COLO CAV.

    A plausible explanation is that Ballinger served in both units; but, he does not appear in the record of the 1st Colorado Cavalry due to the brevity of his service. If the information compiled by the Boulder Genealogical Society is correct, John H. Ballinger would have been 14 year of age when he enlisted in and was discharged from the 1st Colorado Cavalry. Presumably, he would have been discharged when his age was realized.

    An attempt will be made to resolve the issue.
    Columbia Cemetery Civil War
    Headstone Conservation
    John H. Ballinger

    The headstone was lowered 2 inches, set on 10 x 12 x 2 inch dimensioned sandstone footing, leveled, and plumbed on 16 Aug 2003. [ Dimension sandstone provided by Tribble Stone, Boulder, CO 80302. ]

    Due to initially being set too shallow, the headstone was tilted [ pitched ] backward ~ 01 degrees and tilted [ rolled ] to the right ~11 degrees.

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